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Va va voom

Teal brings to mind an awesome dress I owned when I was 18 which coincides with the first time I remember falling in love, proper heart wrenching, dangerous, exciting and passionate love.

I wore the dress on about 50% of our dates and it never failed to make me feel special and beautiful. I walked with a special spring in my step when I had the dress on.

Cut in all the right places


I have been thinking a lot about that time in my life lately and every time I do what the dress represents looms large and I am reminded of how hopeful I felt and how naïve I was.

Teal is rich, deep and verily pulses with emotion and that is the way love should be in my opinion.

The colour also happens to look good against my skin tone so that is another reason to love it and associate it with the emotion of love for me, because it works for me, it makes me look good.