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Today is a celebration of the power and potency of romantic love in our individual lives and in society, despite its detractors the celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day just seems to get bigger and bigger each year. The date was established in the 5th Century and was originally concerned with the observation of the feast day for one or more martyrs named Saint Valentine about which almost nothing is known. February 14th’s association to romantic love comes from the high middle ages (12th and 13th centuries) and flourished with the tradition of courtly love. It wasn’t until the late 18th Century that the reduction in postal rates encouraged the idea of sending romantic cards and letters. Each subsequent generation has added to the tradition, adapting the idea to the technology and sentiment of the era.

Many people put hours of thought and planning into making sure today is special and we at the ABCs of Style are no different. We have decided to celebrate this day in three ways. Firstly to launch our blog, secondly to share some date outfit ideas with you and finally to talk about the colours that represent love to us.

The ABCs of Style are three friends, Amy, Bec and Cat, who are separated by distance but united in the love of all things fashionable. This blog is a haven for those who are interested or obsessed in the art and science of dressing up or dressing down.We will be discussing all kinds of topics including trends, style, cut, colour and glamour with a regular schedule of posts and should have plenty of tips and tricks to share. Mostly this is about having fun while sharing our passion for fashion. If you are interested in finding out more about us we introduce ourselves more thoroughly in our Bio section. If you follow our individual or group accounts on Polyvore or Pinterest you’ll get a better feel for our personal style.

Amy, Bec & Caitlyn xo