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So obviously Amy, Caitlyn and I all have endless cash to spend on fabulous clothes to wear to all of the amazing events we get invited to. We never wear anything twice and always own one of everything in the latest style.


Okay maybe not…

In the real world you are either a girl with one formal dress that you wear a million times because it cost a fortune and you want to get value out of it or you are the girl who is trying to look glamorous on a shoestring.

ABCs of style are 100% supportive of either approach and thought we would have a little brainstorming session to come up with a few formalwear/ dressy occasion sets pulled together on a limited budget.

Striking and Colourful

Being a guest at an upcoming wedding is a rather daunting feeling for some people like myself. What to wear, how much, where to buy!

I have created a near entirely new outfit for a mere $147! Now to some this might be considered a decent about of money to spend just for one day but when strolling through Myer and seeing just a dress for $150 I think I haven’t done too badly.

Loving this colour combo!

Dress ASOS – $37, Shoes ASOS – $34, Earrings ASOS – $8, Ring ASOS – $13, Necklace Debenhams – $14, Clutch Collette – $40

Total – $146

As you can see ASOS is definitely a great place to buy for a small budget! Always be on the lookout for sale items. Don’t be afraid to accessorise with cheaper items and keep it simple.

Beautiful in Blue
So many options exist online, so many looks can be put together from cheap but stylish pieces, no one will ever know that you got dressed for $200.

One shoulder Dress – $41, Love Heart Clutch – $42, Zipper Pumps – $47, Bling Ring – $20, Bow earrings (Betsy Johnson) – $45, Bangle – $12

Total – $207

Pretty Party Dress
The great thing about weddings is that you usually get plenty of warning and this gives you the chance to stalk a great price online or in your local stores. If you buy things that are a great cut and colour for you, you’ll have ample opportunities to wear it again, making it a much more economical exercise.

ASOS Curve Party Dress – $54 (SALE), Over Lace Peep Toe Heels – $33, Black Bow Clutch – $17, Textured Metal Bangles – $11, Round Cubic Zirconia Studs – $25, Long Pendant Necklace – $22

Total – $162

xo Bec