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I’m a flat shoe addict, and to be completely honest I often buy a lot of my flats from Target, but most of them from Kmart.

I buy from these stores because they are very cheap and often have some cute styles, but along with the price tag the quality usually matches quite well. I’m finding myself buying new flats all the time because of low quality ones which come apart at the seams and I walk in them so much I get holes in the bottom of the thin soles.

Rain is also a big enemy of my flat shoe addiction. Having no thick sole on the flats, water comes into contact easily with the often fabric material which seeps in and makes my feet very cranky.

So on Boxing Day last year my Mother, Father and I braved the chaos and ventured out into the city.


So unfortunately we didn’t find much that appealed to us but we came across an Ecco store and I HAD to go have a look.

I had been waiting to try on a pair for a while but often balked at the price of them. They are generally around $200 a pair and after having bought so many flats for between $15-$30, this was just a lot of money to me.

Being Boxing Day sales they were down to $129 a pair so I had to buy some and my Mother help me buy a second pair. (Thanks Mum <3)

I’m extremely happy with the purchase of these shoes and I would definitely buy them again without hesitation, but I just might have to wait for some sales.

– They have a thick rubber sole which is far superior to the ones on flats I would buy from Kmart or Target. My feet are yet to get wet which is amazing for this weird weather in Sydney lately.

– There is a bit of lift in the heel, so not entirely a flat shoe but I feel my feet have much more support.

My only issue at the moment is breaking them in. I usually don’t have a problem with cheaper flats but these are primarily leather. So they are definitely causing some rubbing on the back of my heels. Just grin and keep walking, nothing band-aids can’t help with!

Jake (my dog!) was curious as to what I was doing outside taking photographs.


So I’m one happy camper with these Ecco shoes. New shoe pains aside, they are a great purchase.

~ Caitlyn