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Time for the weekly round up of who got it right and who got it terribly wrong! This week has been like a buffet for people scouring the web for the good, the bad, and the downright TERRIBLE. We have Fashion Week reminding us all that a new season is about to embrace us. The Grammy’s proved to be more of a competition for the WORST dressed rather than the best (We’re all for individuality here at ABCs of Style, but come on, Nicky Minaj, it would actually be easier for everybody if you just wore a massive neon sign saying ‘LOOK AT ME! I’M DIFFERENT!’)… So here we go:


I have a confession to make… I love the Kardashians. My theory is, if they’re so hated, why is there such demand for them!? Any way, enough about my closet Kardashian addiction, I’m am having a bit of a faux-fur-fascination at the moment and I think Kim looks stunning in the sweet black ensemble and cool fur jacket! Can anyone say PULLING IT OFF?


Jenna Dewan has come up on my radar as she stomps around fashion week! I love both of these looks but particularly the pink pants with the casual white top. Very sophisticated and elegant while still being fun! It’s what I want *my* style to be all about!

Selita Ebanks caught my eye on the ‘People’ website with this stand out blue frock.  The detailing around the neck of the ‘mullet’ style dress makes it dressy enough to be worn to an evening event. I enjoy the simplicity of the rest of the design and how it complements her shape and skin tone! The colour is a stand out! It is a very ‘now’ dress. Kudos to Selita!

I’m sure Caitlyn will go into more detail about Adele’s stunning performance at the Grammy’s (and I’m not just talking about her singing performance) but it would be criminal of me not to mention her on my best dressed. Adele has proven that she has the ability to show us all that class and style go hand in hand. This black dress is perfect for her shape and screams classic 1950’s. Make up and hair = the perfect ensemble! Go Adele!

Aside from Adele, the only other stand out (for me, that is) at the Grammy’s was Kelly Rowland! Loving the current ‘off-white’ trend that seems to be gracing our carpets at the moment. This dress is perfect for her curvaceously sexy figure and her hair gives it the right amount of ‘cool’ to be seen at the music industry’s night of nights! Great job!


Before I get started on the worst dressed list of the week, I want to just say, it was HARD picking just three. The Grammy’s were littered with trash. It was like someone issued a challenge to see who could complement their shape the LEAST!

I feel bad having Fergie on this list because I actually like the colour and shape of this dress. What I don’t understand is WHY it had to be see thru and why she chose that day to wear her granny knickers? Spanx aren’t as cool if you can see them Fergie, didn’t you get the memo?

Robyn, Robyn, Robyn…. Its days like today that I wish fashion police ACTUALLY existed because surely this is considered abuse. It is obvious to me that you have a rocking bod so why oh why abuse it like this? The big chunky shoes enlarge her small thighs, the mullet dress looks like the dress maker ran out of time and fabric simultaneously and the top makes me wonder if she forgot to do her washing and that was all she could find screwed up under her bed… Disaster.

What would a worst dressed list be if it didn’t have Snooki on it? Firstly, someone should tell her that duck hunting season is around the corner and that hunters will be chasing her in particular because it looks like she already has an orange marinade! Mmmm delish! Secondly, and well endowed girls please take note, the pattern across her breasts makes her look quite large and quite short which isn’t a good combination.  The hair is like the bad icing atop the dry crusty cake. Blergh! Someone get this girl a stylist!

Do you agree with this best and worst dressed list or have you got some better examples! Let me know below! 😉

Have a great weekend all!!!

Xo Amy