Yay fashion week comes to New York!

I found it hard to say who I have loved the most so far but here are a few of my favourites:

BCBG FW12 - Colour Blocking

 That orange is everywhere this year, I might be too afraid to wear it all over myself but I love the contrast it provides to that royal blue.

BCBG’s mantra is Good Style, Good Attitude and that is a philosophy I can get on board with. Their style pushes the boundaries but always looks like regular (well off) women have them in their wardrobe, they really do seem like they are ready to wear.

BETSEY JOHNSON FW 12 – Print Dress

I probably wouldn’t wear the bright pink tights or neck warmer with this little dress but I think that it is cute none the less. It has lovely warm tones and I can actually imagine wearing it over muted colour tights and my favourite boots in winter.

Betsey Johnson is not for everyone, she has been in the industry a million years and never follows the trend, this season she is doing fluoro.

Diane Von Furstenberg - Colourblocking

Diane Von Furstenberg is always one of my go to designers when it comes to trends and colours. That blue is everywhere this year so she is seemingly right on the money again. What I wouldn’t have expected is pairing it with the red, different but perfect!

DIANE VON FURSTENBERG FW 12 - Coral Jigsaw Dress

Di Von F wins my heart again with this Coral dress, I love the whimsy of the cascading puzzle pieces but you could still wear this look to work.

Tadash Shoji - Green Dress

Tadashi Shoji hits it out of the park with this one and while I rarely find myself drawn to this particular green I can’t help it with this dress. It is ephemeral and floaty which are the perfect party dress attributes. My favourite part is that the cut would flatter most shapes including the hourglass.
VERA WANG FW 12 – Blue full sleeve dress

Vera Wang makes beautiful dresses there is no denying it and even though the hem line on this one is a bit higher than I would personally wear I like the colour combinations a lot. And those boots! If I had the legs for it I would wear this exact ensemble.

VERA WANG FW 12 – Orange and Nude

Vera Wang’s separates are as amazing as her dresses.  I don’t know if I could pull it off but it certainly makes me happy to look at.

So which ones would you add to your wardrobe?