I have a problem, a shopping problem…

Up until recently I had successfully convinced my self that I did not need another dress or more clothes. I was doing pretty well at not buying new things and saving up to do some travelling later on this year. Then the fates aligned and I went to Target. The prettiest purple, floral, knee-length dress, with a sweetheart neckline and nipped in waist followed me home. I swear it jumped into my bag, petulantly refusing to be left in the store.

How to wear it

I was reluctant to try it on because the fabric is one that requires ironing and if there is one thing you need to know about me it is that I hate ironing almost as much as I hate getting out of bed early on weekends or parties without champagne, i.e. a lot.

So even though I was committed to not buying any more dresses and it would need to be ironed, I broke my own rules and bought it at full price ($59).  Of course $59 is still pretty reasonable and not too much to spend on a dress I know I am going to wear to death throughout autumn and probably the mild Perth winter as well.  

The confessions do not end there because I am nothing if not dedicated to breaking my own rules with style. So I bought a cute linen maxi dress at Kmart which was on special for $10, I tried to justify this by telling myself it will be great for my trip to Bali in March and it really will but so would about five or six other dresses in my wardrobe.

It was at this point that a normal person would stop but I couldn’t help myself and took advantage of the shoe sales at both Kmart and Target and got 4 new pairs of shoes of various styles for a princely sum of around $25 all up.

The truly horrifying part was not rationalizing the purchases, because like Jenny from the Block I bought the frocks that I got (First pop song/ JLo reference and pun, you’re welcome!) and I forgive myself real quick, but trying to fit them in my wardrobe. That would be a reasonable problem if I had a tiny wardrobe but I have a large double built-in robe.

So next weekend I will be sorting out my new things and seeing if there is any way I can part with some of my older stuff to make way for the new. Maybe I will find a secret panel at the back that turns my wardrobe into a Tardis or a secret passageway to Narnia, there’s plenty of space in Narnia right?

Do you have a shopping confession? Share them below, it’s cheaper than therapy and you can use the money you saved to buy a new….. oh dear