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Another Celebrity Challenge!

Our aim for this one was to recreate a celebrity style while keeping it under $150. A lot of us don’t have the cash to fling around so we wanted to keep it on the lower end of the budget.

Today’s eye candy features Kim Kardashian, Mila Kunis & Kate Bosworth.


Whether you love her or not it is impossible to argue with her fashion sense, dressed up or dressed down Kim always looks great.

Celebrity Look-a-Like Ki Kardashian!

Mango low cut top, £8.99
Maggie and Me long pleated skirt, £40
Michael Antonio platform wedge heels, $49
Wet Seal metal aviator sunglasses, $7.50

Total = $105.49

Optional :

Diamante jewelry, $70


I love Mila’s fiesty spirit and her enthusiasm and as a fellow gamer girl I like that she is open about the fact she used to play WOW, enjoyed it and kicked some butt!

MIla Kunis - Casual Style

Free people dress, $90
Cardigan, $15
Seychelles wedge shoes, $27

Total: $132

Studded handbag, $30

This is a casual outfit perfect for going shopping or having lunch with friends, the cream/ white colour palette keeps it fresh looking. The dress cut and style are very feminine and the shoes are cute and round the look off perfectly.

If you don’t have a large tote at home, any one would do, you can complete the look with the reasonably priced one included here.


After trying to recreate 3 looks and failing to keep under the $150 mark, I finally hit the spot Kate Bosworth’s look at the Burberry Autumn/Winter 2012 show.

I adore this outfit. It’s super cute, yet she still remains very well put together. It’s nice to see a celebrity wearing a top with a cute print and not presenting us with flat colours.

Kate Bosworth

Long sleeve top, $43
Slit skirt, $29
Clarks low boots, $50
Jane Norman clutch bag $12
ASOS thin belt, $14

Prices are a little off here and there, but it works out to roughly $148. Just coming in under our challenge price range!

So there you have it, 3 entirely different looks under $150.

Don’t forget if you want us to try recreate someone’s style send an email to abcsofstyle@gmail.com or comment below with a link showing us what you want. Include a budget range to give us an idea of what you want to spend and we’ll do the rest!

~ Amy, Bec & Caitlyn