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Good Afternoon All!

I absolutely LOVE floral prints, I find them just beautiful. Some people are into dark colours, bold colours, or an extreme mix of prints but I’m into the beauty of florals.

So this morning I’ve found 3 Floral pieces under $50 for the budget conscious. I’ve limited it to 3 due to the amount of images, but will definitely post more floral finds in the future.

Dorothy Perkins Black Floral Print Wrap Top – $37

Sizes 6 to 22 UK

Style Idea

Black Floral Print Wrap Top




Sizes S, M & L

Style Idea


Blossoms and Buttercream Dress

Blossoms and Buttercream Dress by icebubbletea featuring bright colored dresses 

Dorothy PerkinsFloral Pencil Skirt $39

Sizes 6 to 22 UK

 Style Idea

Floral Pencil Skirt


So there you have it. 3 Cute finds all under $50 and awesomely enough two of them come in under the plus size range! This makes me very happy indeed.

~ Caitlyn