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For today’s collab post we wanted to share our trend predictions and thoughts on what we want to see more of in the fashion world. I’ve split up today’s posts because if it were all in one it would be far too large!


I’ve started to notice a new trend with the Harness Belt… The first time I saw it was on Blake Lively and from that very second I was in love.

For curvy girls who want to wear flowing garments, it is perfect. It can give a girl definition of her shape in any outfit. Below are three examples of how YOU can bring the harness belt into your wardrobe this season without looking like an extra from a CSI! 


This look is very ‘I’ve been trapped on an island and fallen in love with a stranger…that looks like Ryan Gosling…’ Okay, sure, it would be Hollywood’s version of an island, but, whatever. The un-even hemline of the skirt adds to theme of slightly exotic but the soft fabric and beautiful burgundy colour ensure that you still look super sweet! (Best thing about this set is that I’ve tried to keep all the items under $100… You’re welcome!)





Every now and then I like to rebel in what I wear… Just the other day I wore a black lacy bra under a completely sheer top… Sure, I didn’t realise until one of the boys in my office pointed it out, but that isn’t the point, it was super cool (and probably should have been left for the weekend!)… This look has a flavour of bondage without taking it too far. You’re covering up all your lady bits but keeping it interesting with a tight leather skirt and bold red lips (and finger nails)… Either wear your hair in a super tight bun or (preferably) super wavy, amp up the volume… Some smoky eye makeup won’t hurt much either!!!  Remember to wear it with confidence and WHAM! You’ll look amazing!





No-one likes making fun of hipsters more than I do… Dressing ‘ironically’? Come on people! Try MORONICALLY … Anyway, enough about hipsters; I’ve tried my hand at creating a ‘hipster’ look below. I actually think it is kind of cool. Tight cargo pants, Connies, Glasses and to top it all off a BOWLER hat… Come on? I could totes walk down King Street and get R.E.S.P.E.C.T…. Add a harness belt and you will be way more hip than your 20 year old friends who are desperately trying to convince you that they liked ‘The Beatles’ before they were cool…



Is the harness belt for you, or would you give this trend a miss?
Amy xo