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Time for the ‘Weekly Round Up’ and as always, there were some clear best dressed and some very clear ‘what the hell was she thinking?’. We’ve got some street styles that you should definitely be replicating and some hot red-carpet looks that make you pull that dreamy face (same face I pull when I watch Ryan Gosling take his shirt off…You’re welcome)… There is also some tips on what not to do using some start examples!



 Now, you will rarely see Katy Perry on my best dressed list. Normally I find her dress sense deplorable but I have to give her Kudos on this one. While the hair leaves little to be desired the dress accentuates her stunning figure (Santa, take note) and the colours, which some may deem too ‘clashy’, are just stunning in my eyes! Well done Katy!


Christina Ricci has certainly come a long way in terms of her fashion sense. She seems all grown up. While I do have the urge to feed her a hamburger and tell her to cheer up I think that the sparkly-ness of this dress is so perfect! The cut of the dress is very elegant and simple and because of this the shine doesn’t seem so overwhelming. Sexy choice, Ms Ricci.


 Dear Jennifer Anniston,

I love you… I was 7 when I got my hair cut JUST like yours. I adored you on friends and I will ALWAYS be Team Anniston. I aspire to have a healthy, sexy and FIT body like yours… This dress? It just makes me adore you, if it’s possible, a little bit more!!!

Lots of Love… Amy…




As you probably gathered, I’m a huge Jennifer Anniston fan but this dress just misses the mark. I think that if it was cut just above the knees and hugged her gorgeous figure a little bit more I’d be less inclined to make comparisons to my old kindy teacher. Hair is A+ though!

 My advice to the young Ms Taylor Swift is to write her next break up song with this dress… Poorly fitted to her petite frame and the hair is terrible (small forehead + fringe = BAD)… I see that she is going for a Grace Kelly type style bad she has failed terribly!

 Kristin Wiig is another of my favourite female stars. She is hilarious (not just in ‘Bridesmaids’) and sassy! But this…this is just bad… Jumpsuits should be kept for babies and babies alone. Imagine going to the loo in this?


What do you think? Do you agree with my hits & misses or do you have some other nominees you would like to put forward!?


Just a quick reminder that Monday is Oscar’s night. Keep checking in on ABCs as we’ll do our best to keep an eye out for who stuns and who doesn’t! J


Enjoy the weekend


Xo Amy