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I feel I can’t wear jeans or pants of any sort because of my body shape. I have these wide, wide hips and then my legs drop off into oblivion. I am yet to find any pants that fit around my waist and aren’t baggy in the crotch, but this won’t stop me from drooling over things that I can’t have!

I adore coloured denim and would love to be able to pull off a lovely lilac coloured jean. This is my goal one day!

Coloured Jeans

I think styling coloured denim should remain relatively simple with additional styling. I think Jessica Alba did it beautifully with these red jeans, simple white tee and black blazer. It definitely draws your attention to that wonderful bright colour!

Jessica Alba

When my time comes to wear lilac jeans this is how I imagine my outfit would be. I love that the lilac coloured jeans are captured in the lovely floral top!

Black Floral Print Wrap Top

Are coloured jeans for you? Or would you give them a miss and stick to the classic style denims?

~ Caitlyn xo