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Today we have a simple goal, we are sharing the things that evoke home for us, the clothes that make us feel comfortable and secure.

For any one having a rough day, dealing with stuff, fighting of a head cold here are some classic and comfortable clothes perfect for transporting you to your happy place.


The most comfortable thing in my wardrobe is my sweater dress/ jumper dress. It is a very light weight knit so it sits well and does not add bulk. It is long enough to wear on its own but also looks great with leggings underneath.  The look is pretty casual but it is still flattering.

My favourite sunday mornings in the cooler months consist of a sleep in, this dress, a cafe by the sea, a pair of leggings, ballet flats, a scarf, a hot chocolate and Eggs Benedict. Preferably followed by a lazy afternoon lost in a book.Comfortably Chic 



Maxi skirts are definitely my thing. I wear a lot of maxi skirts/dresses because I just feel so comfortable in them and they make me feel more confident when I head out into the big bad world.

For those days I don’t actually give a crap about what I wear and what I look like at home, you will find me in a maxi skirt worn as a dress. It’s just so easy to grab a maxi skirt and pull it up to give yourself a comfy knee length dress.

I wouldn’t leave home like this so a very simple way to make it more appropriate is to chuck on a belt around your waist to give you definition, throw on an open cardigan, grab some flats, your handbag and off you go for a chilled afternoon. Or wear the skirt as intended, pop on a plain white singlet, and a cardigan.

Maxi Skirt - Two Ways


Tell us what your comfort clothes are in the comments below.