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On occasion I don’t agree with the way Mr Perry behaves but there is no denying he designs some stunning dresses which keep me busy wiping up the drool.

He has always been a bit of a hit and miss with me personal, there are just some garments I don’t find attractive at all. That the beauty of an opinion though, not everyone likes the same things in life!

I’ve never been fond of nude/champagne coloured dresses and Alex Perry still won’t change my mind on that one. No doubt they are stunning on a lot of women but for me it’s just not a colour I find endearing.

I found a few dresses in the collection which had absolutely zero appeal. A couple in there which had way too much lace and bits & pieces for my liking. I much prefer the sleeker and simpler dresses which float effortlessly down the runway, with the assistance of a little hand flicking haha!

Definitely my favourite moment was when Alice Burdeu glided down the runway in a gorgeous red one shouldered gown which shimmered with her every move.

Just breathtaking! I adore Alice, she is one of the best models to come out of Australia’s Next Top Model by far!

What are you favourites? I’d like to see some more blue 😉

Caitlyn xo
– All images are from Breakfast with Audrey, captured by Lucas Dawson.