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Just trying to see if I can get BlogLovin working!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Success! Woooohooo! 😀

And to make this post seem a little more worth while, here is the guide I followed to add BlogLovin to our Blog.

Instructions found on The Quietest Rebel Blog

How to add a Bloglovin’ icon and a Custom icon to a wordpress blog sidebar.

I was having a bit of trouble working out how to add a bloglovin’ icon to my wordpress sidebar, and I couldn’t find any answers in the wordpress support area, neither could I find any helpful blog entries through google. But I worked it out in the end.

1. First things first you need to do is create a bloglovin account.

2. Once your logged in, go to Account> Your Blog.

3. Click on the + Claim Blog button and type in the address of your wordpress blog.

( Most people could probably figure this part out for themselves but I managed to get lost, so here’s hoping I can help someone!) anyway…

4. At this point have a new post ready in your wordpress dashboard (in another tab), then, when bloglovin’ give you a code to paste in , to verify your blog, paste it into the HTML layer of your post-then publish it. You can then click the claim blog button under the code (in the bloglovin’ tab) and it should then say your blog has been verified.

5. Now, to get the icon you want in the sidebar, first ( in your wordpress tab ) go to Appearance> Widgets and find the Text widget and move it right, into the sidebar bit. ( you might have to re-add any widgets you automatically had in your sidebar,like catagories, if it’s the first time you’ve customized your widgets page)

6. Now go to your bloglovin’ tab and go to Account > Widgets. Now pick the widget you want in your sidebar and click Get this icon! Then copy the code that you are given.

7. Back in your wordpress tab make sure you’re in Appearance > Widgets then click the little arrow next to where in says Text in your Sidebar drop-down. Paste the code into the text box and remember to SAVE. 🙂 Now if you visit your site the bloglovin’ icon should be in your sidebar.

I didn’t think that would be so long-winded , but if it helps…

In addition, I’ve recently looked into using a custom image for your bloglovin’ icon..

1. Create your image using photoshop, of whatever art software you want.

2. I uploaded my image to flickr, but upload it to somewhere on the web.

3. I opened my widget page and put a new basic image widget into the widget area.

4. I then went back to where my image was on flickr, right clicked, and pressed ‘copy image location’.

5. I then pasted the location into the ‘Image URL’ space in the widget. Then go to your bloglovin’ page and copy the link from the address bar.

6. Then I copied the link into the ‘link URL’ space in the widget. Then just remember to save! 🙂

Hope this helps!