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Let’s be honest here, most of us aren’t rolling in the funds. Most of us don’t have Gucci and Prada knocking on our door and throwing products at us. Most of us have to have a wardrobe that can go from season to season and still look fabulous!

But how can we turn some of our more ‘summery’ items into winter wardrobe winners?

I adore summer dresses! I love their flowing nature and their bright or crisp colours. I love the fact that you can walk around and feel like you’re promoting a perfume when a gust of wind touches your skirt.

They come in all types and here are three examples of how you can take summer staples and make them winter must haves that will have the envy of all fashionistas.

Winter Winners


The perfect way to translate your summer fashions into winter is by grabbing your gorgeous summer maxi dress and teaming it with some winter woollies, funky ankle boots and a sexy leather jacket!

Desert Boots


My FAVOURITE transitional item is stockings. They highlight great pins while making sure you are kept super duper warm. Team your shorter summer dress with opaque tights, desert boots, a cool denim jacket and as always, a sexy scarf!

Winter Winners 2


Take your summer shorts (preferably not denim) and team the with either over the knee knitted socks OR opaque tights, add some heeled loafers, a bright blouse and accessories for colour, a warm sweater and a winter hat and you’ll be set!

So, what do you think fellow fashion lovers? Are you a fan of creating a cool winter wardrobe out of your summer wardrobe or do you like to take a break from your summer goods and go all out on winter attire?

Amy xo