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Bec’s Thoughts

So I have assembled a few Wardrobe basics that I think might help. I then created 5 looks for you to consider. I have tried to follow my own tips to create wearable and comfortable outfits that can go from work to work site without too much hassle. You probably already have some of these items or something like them so mix and match existing and new items to get looks you are comfortable with.

 I have also tried to stick to clothes and accessories that are currently for sale so that if you do like a particular look you can go out and pick it up. Most of the clothes should be available in stores around Australia or online through retailers who I personally can say have never done me wrong (Especially ASOS who usually offer free shipping and have very accommodating staff). Most of these outfits come in under $150 but if you happen to have components of the look in your wardrobe they will be even more cost effective.

Workwear basics

Keep it simple on the bottom, find a few great skirts and comfortable pants (I find bootleg or wide leg to be the most wearable) in neutral tones or basic black and rotate them throughout the seasons. Use them as the basis for great looking outfits where other items are making a statement or expressing your personality.

When it comes to shirts and tops I suggest finding colours and patterns that suit your skin tone and buy lots of different cuts and styles. Having tops that make you feel great and stand out will create interest and will make you feel less like you are stuck in a work wear rut.

Work wear outer and under ware

Less formal shirts can be worn with a jacket or shrug, depending on how fancy your meeting/ appointments are you can use very simple top and jacket combinations to create endless outfits.

Leggings and tights not only help bring a dress and skirt into the winter months basic and sculpting undergarments can make you look better from head to toe. Spanx are expensive but well worth it, a few pairs of high-waisted tights and leggings will do you for the whole winter and even though the initial cost is high you will get plenty of wear out of them. Spanx come in all sizes and lots of great colours and textures so you can be adventurous or stick to classic black.

Workwear Dresses

I find that a dress is the ultimate work attire, I like the Midi length for work. The dress should not cut you too low or it will make your calves look big, if it hits right on the knee it will help you look in proportion. Dresses that come in under your cleavage or are belted will skim over your middle section and upper legs and create a more balanced look.

Work wear basics shoes

Low heeled shoes don’t have to be boring, buy a range of ballet flats and low wedges as your basic work shoe staring point. Slouch boots and other low heeled options will also work with pants and skirts or dresses with tights. My rule of thumb for comfortable shoes is the chunkier the heel the higher it can be, experiment with what the perfect combination is for you.

Workwear Basics Bags and Bling

The final thing to mention are accessories; you can add these for a pop of colour, a subtle contrast or to tie a look together. I recommend having a wide range of pieces to suit all kinds of items in your wardrobe, it will make every outfit seem like a once off. There are plenty of places that stock great fashion jewellry. 

Get a few large handbags for work, clutches are great and small handbags look cute but there is no way that I can get away with a tiny bag for work, especially if I am attending meetings off site during the day. I would suggest sticking to neutral tones so that you have a couple of alternatives for each outfit but occasionally getting something that provides a colour injection and compliments the shades you wear often.

Here are a few ideas that embrace and exemplify the ideas above:

Caryn Workwear Option1
Caryn Workwear Option 2
Caryn Workwear Option 3
Caryn Workwear Option 4
Caryn Workwear Option 5
Hope this has helped.
Bec xox