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Caitlyn’s Thoughts.

Hi Ry!

I love that you want to remain feminine, funky and comfortable while still being appropriate for your field of work.

Getting a little lost in Polyvore tonight I seem to have been fixated on a pant/top combination without straying into skirts and dresses. I think this is because I’m fixed on the construction site point you made in your request.

I’m just thinking what is going to be practical if you need to step over or duck under something :)!

Style Help

Very basic combination of classic styled jeans, simple yet girly cami and a blazer. Now this blazer in the picture could perhaps be a little shorter, it’s better if the bottom of the jacket stops further up your body to draw the eye to the smaller part of your waist.

Style Help 2

I can’t tell you how much I adore this set. I think it definitely has a more done up feel to it, the embellishments certainly help with that!

Style Help 3


Style Help 4

I think the 2-in-1 Top could be your best friend. Fairly obvious that this top gives the illusion of a cami and a cardigan of sorts. I think it’s a rather polished look which allows you to have that certain comfort level but keeping it slightly more professional looking.

Play with accessories as much as you can. They can make or break an outfit and also have the ability to either dress down or dress up an outfit. They also are one of the easiest ways to incorporate bursts of colour into your day!

I think Amy & Bec have covered the skirt/dress area quite well and I definitely agree with their ideas on styling.

So Amy, Bec & Myself hope these posts have given you some additional ideas on how to jazz up your outfits a bit!

Caitlyn xo