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Someone on Vogue (AU) forums made a little thread about other people’s thoughts on Floral Jeans. Not surprising the majority of replies seem to agree that this is a passing trend and not many people can pull off the look.

I for one adore florals and would love to get my hands on some. I must prefer larger floral patterns with most white spacing. I’m not a fan of small, crowded, bold floral prints as I feel there is too much mayhem and it feels overwhelming.

Some of the comments also suggest this look is childish because it reminds them of the floral leggins they wore when they were growing up, but this makes me think the term childish could be applied to a lot of different clothing styles out there.

Floral Jeans


Personally I would keep the overall styling very simple as to not draw away from the floral jeans, make them the focal point of your outfit.

I’m not bold enough to mix bold prints just yet so I would style it a little like this:

Floral Jeans


Unfortunately I think these will be a passing trend and won’t stick around for too long. I would like to see more of them but I doubt it will be overly popular because florals just aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Passing trend you are going to give a miss or do you love florals as much as I do?