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Today we are going to look at three different skin tones and the best accessories and colours to go with them. Our focus will be on making the most of the skin you are in. We all have fair skin but that would be a bit repetitive so we have all opted to concentrate on different tones to cater for most of us out there.

Amy – Pale skin tone

Being pale may not be in. Being pale may not be cool. But being pale has its advantages.

1. You don’t look like an extra in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
2. You don’t have to spray tan.
3. Sunscreen smells yummy (or is that just me?)
4. It is EASY to accessorize and look super funky

Pale women have the advantage here. Not much clashes with pale like women with darker skin more olive skin. We do have to worry about getting washed out and that’s where I come in to help. I have only prepared two basic sets today but I can tell you that you can look to many Hollywood beauties for inspiration!

Emma Stone is one great example! Rocking red lips and emerald green earrings! You go girl!

So how does the every day ‘pale’ girl accessorize?

• Wear colours that wash you out (try avoiding bright yellows and browns)
• Over accessorize, you don’t want to look like a snowed in Christmas tree

Wear lots of corals. Such an attractive colour on girls with paler skin!!! See below for some ideas!

Cool Corals



Leopard Hints


But please only in a hinting kind of way. Nobody looks good decked out in complete leopard print. Here are some cute ideas to add a little animal to your wardrobe.

I know this is only brief. If you have any questions about what to do and what NOT to do with accessorizing for paler skin, don’t hesitate to comment below.
Have an amazing hump day

Amy xo

Bec – Dark to medium skin tone

I want to start by saying that I love darker skin tones, I love how daring and bold you can be with olive skin.

What works:

Yellow gold works well on darker skin tones

Purple and the right greens really compliment you but nothing beats the look of pure white against your skin for a fresh yet contrasting look.

What to avoid:

Warmer shades suit you best so silver or rose gold may not work for you, if you have to get something in those colours try to ensure that there are other colours in the piece to break it up or brighten it.

Some pastels will wash you out so avoid them or break them up with brighter colours.

Bec xo

What skin tone are you and what do you do to make the most of it?