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Another style challenge, this time from Bec’s sister Rachel (age 15):

Hi guys,

 I am looking to add some more colour to my wardrobe but all I can find at the shops are florals and prints. I like bold colours but I don’t like dots or cutesy things.

 I’m happiest in my black skinny jeans or shorts and tights with a t-shirt and maybe some accessories. I love owls, Smosh (Youtube) and everything Harry Potter or Disney but I struggle to find things that show my personality that are not too girly. I want try some new types of shoe (at the moment I live in sneakers and school shoes) but I don’t really like wearing heels.

 Do you think you can help me out?


Bec’s answer


My approach was to not to eliminate black from your wardrobe but to up the ante when it comes to bright accessories and to use statement shirts with bright colours to express who you are. I have tried to make sure that the outfits keep your basic style in mind but broaden your colour palette quite drastically.

I want you to try some bright pink too, don’t think “eww pink is for babies” think rock chic instead. Bold colours and quirky choices help keep the look unique but stop it from becoming a cliché or making it look like you are trying too hard. You can use colour and cut to hide those areas you are less confident about. Using contrasting layers will be feminine without being too girly.

Colourful wardrobe makeover

Try some skinny denim in colours other than black and think about navy shorts, they are as versatile as black but add interest. Try a funky wedge heel as well, you may need to practice but it will make your legs look even longer and help you tower over the n00bs.

I’ll love you forever even if you wear potato sacks but I hope the message you get from this is that you are awesome and your clothes should say it loud enough for everyone to hear.

Got some tips for how to get out of a style rut? Too much black in your wardrobe? Share it with us in the comments.