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Happy Monday Morning Everyone!

Firstly we would like to send our apologies for the lack of posts over the weekend. There was a bit of a communication gap when one of our computers decided to completely freak out! So we should be back to normal this week/weekend ~ Amy, Bec & Caitlyn.

A little reminder of the Style Challenge presented to us:

Hi guys,

I am looking to add some more colour to my wardrobe but all I can find at the shops are florals and prints. I like bold colours but I don’t like dots or cutesy things.

I’m happiest in my black skinny jeans or shorts and tights with a t-shirt and maybe some accessories. I love owls, Smosh (Youtube) and everything Harry Potter or Disney but I struggle to find things that show my personality that are not too girly. I want try some new types of shoe (at the moment I live in sneakers and school shoes) but I don’t really like wearing heels.

Do you think you can help me out?


Now continuing on from last weeks Style Challenge here is Amy’s Response to Rach’s question.

Hey Rach,

Thanks for writing into us!!!

Adding colour to ones wardrobe can sometimes be really difficult. I used to be someone who wore nothing but black, Why? Because it’s SAFE.

It is fantastic that you want to make the step to add colour to your digs and I think with our combined knowledge (ohhh, we sound like super heroes!) we should be able to help you out.

We don’t want you walking around looking like an extra in Barney the Friendly Dinosaur so here are some subtle hints on how to add some cool colours.
Purple is a nice subtle way to get you started. It’s dark but COOL (so much purple in my wardrobe I can’t even begin to tell you).

Here is an example of purple skinny’s. Everything else is basic and black but the purple is a cool pop of colour that isn’t too in your face. Purple suits most body types (luckily). The t-shirt and jacket keep it quite edgy while the accessories should be able to keep you warm in winter.

Cool Colours


This is my favourite set and I *really* hope you enjoy it. There are a lot of classic items that you would already have in your wardrobe (like jeans). Coral is my absolute favourite colour this style season and it is a great colour on almost everyone. Your dark hair will look AMAZING with this blouse. Additionally, I have kept everything drapey as to make sure to cover lumpy bits and bobs but to also highlight curves. Shoes are always an easy way to ad a bit of zing to an outfit. Beads keep it girly and cool!

Cool Colours (coral)


If all of this is to overwhelming for a colour-phobe a better way to do it all is by jazzing up your accessories. Now, yellow isn’t necessarily the way to go, but I thought this set would give you an idea of what I mean. Keep your accessories all the same colour and tone to make them stand out and try and avoid different shades of the colour (it can look a little wishy washy otherwise)…

Cool Colours (yellow)


I sincerely hope this has helped you out a bit and that you will be able to jazz up your wardrobe that little bit more. 

Have a great week. 

Xo Amy