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Investment Pieces
How would your skin sit without a skeleton? It wouldn’t, it would just slump to the ground and look ugly, which is why it is extremely important to have a skeleton wardrobe or ’investment pieces’ in your cupboard. With the right basic wardrobe you can look super stylish without even trying.

So where does one start?

Let’s start from the base. Bra’s and Undies are so unbelievable important, how many girls do you see wandering around with a knickers line? Or flabby bits squished out of their bra (NOT CLEAVAGE!)?
I am no expert on the bra’s and undies from but I do ADORE ‘Chloe & Lola’ from Myer… Go and get sized up by an expert, you’ll never regret it (and, obviously, go back after babies and/or any other events that change your body significantly)

Basic t-shirts and singlets are really important and I suggest, sometimes, that investing a few extra $$$ is necessary.
I buy all of my singlets from ‘Just Jeans’ where they do 2 for $40. They are well fitted, comfortable and in-expensive.

T-shirts are slightly trickier. Each person is different in what neckline they like. I personally prefer anything that shows of the most of my collar bone, usually a dipped round neck or a basic V neck.
Visit Myer and David Jones during sale time and scour the racks. Try tops on and when you find something that fits and suits you, buy it in three colours (and if applicable, a few of) BLACK, WHITE & GREY. This will give you a good base to work from for the rest of your wardrobe…

WHERE: Portmans, Just Jeans, Jeans West, Dotti, Kmart

I don’t think white shirts are just for corporate girls. I think that all women should have one in their cupboard. You would be surprised in the frequency in which you wear a good white shirt.
I personally don’t like the structured shirt on myself. Women who are top heavy will find that, even with a well fitted shirt, they will spend the day adjusting every time they move. I have spent lots of money on shirts thinking that it was just because I was just being cheap, but at the end of the day, my boobies make it hard, so I tend to go for a soft blouse rather than a structured shirt.
Girls who are petite should stick to a structured shirt; it looks quite professional and sexy.

Structured: CUE, Esprit, David Lawrence, Marcs, Wayne Cooper, Country Road

Blouse (cheaper option too): Dotti, Sportsgirl, Sass & Bide, Zimmerman, Portmans.
As a little side note, men’s shirts are also a great idea. Super comfy and very laid back!!!

As we are coming into winter it is appropriate to mention that everybody needs to have a warm jacket that is classy but casual. Big collars seem to be the in thing at the moment and will stay with you year after year. Big collars encourage an ultra feminine figure while still ensuring you are kept warm and snug.
While I encourage that you stick with a basic black all round winter jacket light greys and dark browns can also be a nice addition. Paler girls should perhaps avoid browns as it can have a tendency to wash you out. I personally have a beautiful grey jacket that falls just below my bottom and has a huge hood (great for those wet days when you hair is perfect). I adore it and have had it for years now. I encourage out of season shopping here, you can usually find a great steal in the sales.

Where: MYER, David Joes, Marcs, Valley Girl (my first ever jacket was from here and I still have it), Dotti, Target (surprisingly good!)

I once read somewhere that shopping for jeans is equal to shopping for a bikini. No-one likes it but everyone has to do it. Jeans shopping is a gigantic pain in the arse (sometimes literally). Pulling on jeans is one of the most agonising experiences you can have and no-one I know quite looks like Brooke Shields in the process… More like a monkey trying to figure out the Macarena.
However, once you do find the perfect pair, the pair the contours your butt, smooths out your thighs and elongates your legs, you will find yourself wearing nothing BUT those perfect jeans. I highly recommend buying a black pair of jeans and a dark denim pair (no-one looks bad in dark denim).
We will have to do another post on finding the perfect pair because, frankly, it is going to be a long one, but here are a few places you can try:

Where: Just Jeans, Jeans West, Gap, Target (again, surprisingly good), Calvin Klein etc etc.

I have always owned a LBD (Little Black Dress). If you have shopped right, the LBD can transform from day to night in a heart beat. Dress it down with a denim jacket, scarf and ballet flats; or dress it up with stilettos and some sparkly jewels. I bought my LBD when I first moved to Sydney. I invested a LOT of money on it (I think it was about $400) but if I do a cost per wear, it has already paid for itself… Make sure you shop appropriately for your size and shape and try to keep it a bit demure (no-one likes a peek-a-boo muff)

Where: Charlie Brown, Alex Perry, David Jones, Myer, Dotti, Portmans, Forever New.

Like the white shirt, I don’t think the traditional blazer is just for corporate girls. You can add a HUGE sense of style to ALL outfits by adding blazer. Going to a casual BBQ? Wear your colour jeans with a blazer and people will think Jessica Alba has paid a visit to their house (maybe a slight over exaggeration). Blazers go with everything from jeans to a summer dress. Trust me, you’ll never look back.
For people not in the corporate world I suggest a ‘boyfriend’ style type blazer. Not as fitted as the usual feminine version, but still stunning. I prefer a rolled up sleave, as apposed to you basic full sleeve. This keeps it a bit more casual and a little less ‘I’m on my way to the office’. Always make sure that the blazer is cut to come IN at the waist as it will give you the perfect hour glass shape.
For a more corporate look, keep it super feminie with some embellishment of some sort but allow the same rules as above to apply. ALWAYS make sure it is cut in at the waist.

BRANDS: Tokito, Basque, Wayne Cooper, Stella McCartney
WHERE: Myer, David Jones, ASOS

It is no surprised here that not everyone teeters around on 12inch heels with perfect style and class. I certainly don’t. I look more like someone taking stilt lessons so I always reccommed spending a bit of dosh on ballet flats. Be dull and go for a simple black flat. My feet look better in a pointed shoe but a lot of women rock the rounded toe! Invest some mula, you won’t regret it.

WHERE: Tony Bianco, Nine West, Wittners, Betts,

Every girl needs a simple black stiletto in their wardrobe. It can dress up every single outfit without even trying. Seriously, who doesn’t look good in jeans and stilettos? Summer dress and stilettos? Black court shoes go with everything and are reminiscent of a more elegant time.
Get a heel that is suitable to you, if you can’t walk in 12inch heels, DON’T BUY THEM. Get a thick heel that you can walk on, however if you can stand to tip toe around for a few hours, get those high suckers and rock em dead!

WHERE: Tony Bianco, Nine West, Wittners, Betts, Target (AGAIN A SURPRISING BUY)

I sincerely hope that with our combined knowledge of what every woman should have in their wardrobe, we have somehow helped you all piece together your ‘fashion skeleton’

Let us know if we missed anything! What is your go to piece? What items cant you live without and dont understand how women live without?

Amy xo