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‘Ladies, help! I’m going to a wedding in April that goes from day to evening so it could be both hot and cold but it is indoors so that shouldn’t matter too much. There will be dancing so I have to be able to move. Here’s the thing, I have no money and need to pull something amazing out (and hair ideas and makeup ideas). What can you do for me?’

Hi Gen,

Thanks for writing into us. Bec and Cat seem to have covered the bases of thrift shops and swapping clothes so I’m going to save you some reading and not repeat what they have already said.

I am going to take a more ‘build on what you’ve got’ approach and help you out with some cheap fixes from first hand stores (although, I definitely think you should go second hand for your handbag!)

Going by an event you participated in last year (frocktober) I am going on the assumption that you have lots of dresses. The thing I love about dresses is, with a few simple accessories swaps they can go from being day dresses to evening dresses in a heart beat.


WHERE: Diva, LOVISA, Colette

 As you may remember, I have a slight addiction to accessories. My wardrobe may not be the most up to date but I can assure you that my accessories are, why? Because with the help of Diva and Lovisa, you can find super cheap fixes for any type of jewellery you need/want.

 For weddings you don’t really want to bling it on with a heap of fake diamonds, the bride may get a bit ‘WTF is she trying to do?’ so I suggest funky beads, feathers, pearls and other colourful or ‘fun’ bits of pieces that wont clash with what the bride is wearing in any way shape or form.

 $24.99 from Diva


WHERE: Rubi Shoes, Aldo, Target, Kmart

 I love that we live in a time where you can go and buy cheap shoes and not really have to think about it. You have so many options at your disposal where you only have to drop $20 on a pair. Sure they wont last 10years, but with the current style climate, fashions are changing every 5 seconds, so maybe you don’t want to own anything longer than a milli second?

 Weddings are hard to buy shoes for. One part of you wants to wear super heels and look like some super tall model who wears heels all the time. The other part of you (usually the one that comes out after a few tequila shots) wants to dance the night away! As a general rule, women who take their shoes off look trashy, so don’t do it. Wear shoes that will last the night and that you can take off when you get that cab home!!!

 Get a thick heel (thankfully in again) and you’ll find you are able to spend a longer period in them.

$49.99 from Rubi Shoes


WHERE:Collette, Second Hand

 Handbags are the easiest accessory to buy second hand or swap between friends. Im pretty reluctant to share shoes and clothes, but handbags tell another story! If you are a tad possessive (*waves hand*) then collette is the coolest place for cheap handbags that will keep you extremely happy. They are surprisingly good quality and look cool to-boot.

 I like clutches for any event, however especially at weddings. Try and add some sparkle to your outfit to jazz it up and bit but remember to keep in theme with either your shoes or your jewellery. Personally I prefer it when shoes, belts and handbags match, but that may just be me.

 $34.95 from Collette


WHERE: Kmart, Priceline

I was once speaking to a make up artist when I asked her what make up she used. The answer shocked me. She was very honest in saying that she didn’t need expensive make up to do her job well. She used mostly cheap super market brand stuff but her end result was some of the best work I have ever seen! Goes to show that money doesn’t buy you everything.

 With that in mind I have only ever invested money in good foundations (Clinique if anyone is interested) and every so often treat myself to fancy mascara (Chanel). Eye shadows, given my colouring, are best kept in the brown area so that makes it super cheap and easy to buy as well…

 Wedding make up should be kept classy and simple. Maybe a cool cat eye, but that is about as rebellious as you should get. It is a wedding, not a night club…

 Kim kept it clean and simple at the Grammy awards! Follow her lead!


 You don’t need to spend money on hair, really. So long as you have bobby pins, patience and hair spray, you can create any cool look you want.  I highly recommend just pinning like crazy and throwing in some flowers. You’ll be amazed at the compliments you get for something that took you all of five minutes. If you really want to jazz your hair up, try some cool head bands or hair jewels. $9.99 from Diva (Yep, the 90’s are back)

 Other Stuff:

 Other cool ways to jazz up wedding outfits include nail polish, stockings, belts and scarves.

Nail polish funks about just about any outfit and is a super cheap fix! I love rimmels brand for a night out!!!

 As for keeping warm, I highly recommend running along to target and picking up one of their cheap black cardigans. Will keep you warm and still look super sweet!

 Hope this has helped at least a little Gen!

Tell us, how do you come up with a cheap event outfit that makes you look a million bucks?