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I have had a stellar 12 months in terms of concert attendance, I have been to just about every type of gig you can imagine from the massive and over the top (Taylor Swift), to the somewhat political (Tim Minchin), to the retro (Roxette) to the indie (The Mountain Goats). Yet there is one gig I have been looking forward to more than all of these and that is the Florence and the Machine performance in about 4 weeks. I am so looking forward to it that I have a little countdown calendar on my desk top letting me know how many “sleeps” are left.

Which begs the incredibly important question, what will I wear?

I have General Admin tickets so I will be standing for a fair amount of time but at least the weather will be okay because it is an indoor venue. I have put together a few “concert” looks:

Do you have some style advice for attending a concert?

Any artists whose gig you are eagerly awaiting?