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Morning All!

I’ve noticed a couple of search terms coming into our blog on how to style Lilac jeans. I did previously do something small on coloured jeans but not specifically Lilac ones which seem to be fairly popular among the search terms leading to hits on our blog.

Lilac Jeans

In no way am I saying the following are the *right* way to do it, but these are some looks I love.

I’m almost bold enough to say I think the lilac jean can be styled with just about any colour, but of course it needs to be the right combinations and not like someone just puked their lunch all over you. 😉

So here are a few ideas to help you style those amazing lilac jeans.

Bold Blouse

If you want to go for a boldly printed blouse, I would leave this is your main focus and keep the rest of your outfit fairly basic.

StalkER on Trendmill does this beautifully and adds another point of interest by wearing a pop of colour on her feet. I love that it’s a more pastel yellow and not a brightly coloured neon one, definitely a great choice here.

Lilac Jean Styling 3


Simple & Light

Annabelle from Viva Luxury does this amazingly. She just looks so gorgeous.

This is a look which can carry you from day to night. For a more casual day time look wear some cute flats, and grab a grey handbag. I think her styling is perfect for an evening type look and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Lilac Jean Styling 1


Mixed Colours

Audrey from Frassy has a divine take on how to style Lilac Jeans. Her own words describe it brillianty “..brimming with candy colours that scream SPRING.”

I adore the colour combinations she has used but I think sadly it’s not something I’m brave enough to even attempt. The spotlight would definitely be on you in this outfit.

I couldn’t quite find the colour blazer Audrey is wearing, but truth be told I didn’t look *that* hard. I think this kind of orange is suitable, perhaps a little lighter would be just that bit better.

Lilac Jean Styling 2

My Ideas

I adore Lilac Jeans. Such a gorgeous colour and femininity to die for!

Lilac Jean Styling 4


You can dress them up or dress them down for a day time look.

Pale yellows/mustards, greys/silvers, navys, mints and browns/tans/golds would be my picks to pair with lilac! I think overall my absolute favourite combination would be browns/tans/golds & lilac because I love the warmth the browns bring to an outfit and with winter coming up I think it’s a great pick!

Lilac & Browns/Golds

If you have gotten this far comment below and let me know what you think! Do you have any favourite colour combinations to match with lilac?

Caitlyn xo