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My whole entire life I have admired women who have a masculine touch to their wardrobes. As I work more and more with men, the more and more I am aware of their effortless and comfortable style and I am envious. They can throw on a daggy pair of jeans and a shirt and look completely up to date and cool. Is there something to learn from this?

I think so.

Tomboy Cool

Keep it casual with some boyfriend jeans, a loose fitting shirt and some cute flats! Add some super bangly bracelets to make it a little bit girly, as well as some big rings! Small side satchels are convenient and completely and totally in-style at the moment! Some John Lennon glasses always make a kid look super hip!

Masculine Femininity

I adore this look. It is my favourite (probably because it is something I would wear!). Get a simple blouse and team it up with some well fitted suit pants and some suspenders (read: how to look cool without trying!). Add some black booties (lace ups) and a simple/classic handbag. For a little bit of fun, try and find a bow tie necklace!

Shimmering Tux

Another cool and classic masculine look to wear out on the town! The outfit is very tuxedo inspired while the sparkles keep it girly enough to wear at night! Wear a crazy red lip and your hair sleeked back into a slick and neat pony tail!

So, what do you think? Will you be more boy-inspired in your wardrobe choices, or do you think you will keep your look classic feminine?

Amy xo