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As I’m sure you have all read, Coachella is currently taking place in the US. It is an event in which a plethora of young and fresh faced celebrities embrace their Woodstock style. Looking at pictures from this festival every year, I feel like I am transported into another time! It is all very exciting. So, as a quick post today, I have picked a few pictures of my favourite celebrity looks from the funky festival to share with you!

I’ve also put together a few sets of what would be appropriate AND functional for Coachella or any other music festival you may attend in the near future!

Nina Dobrev embraces her romantic style with this soft flowing maxi dress and funky silver sandals.

Lea Michele and Lauren Conrad looking young and happy. Its refreshing to see people who are young DRESSING young. Cute sandals and bright colours are perfect for events like this. The boat hat is just too cute!

Lily Collins and Emma Watson. Sexy. Cool. Hip. Emma looks so wonderful in this fun but practical playsuit while Lily Collins embraces her inner hippy in this free flowing dress!

Coachella Chic



Coachella Cool


Coachella Sweetness


So what do you think? What would you be wearing if you attended Coachella? Or any music festival for that matter? Any favourite celebrity outfits that you’ve spotted so far?

Amy xo