I saw an article and I wanted to vent, feel free to vent right on back.

Fashion Source explored the lack of clothing choices for women over a size 14 in Australia and the comparative price increase when your garments are in the plus size range. Those issues have pretty much been done to death so I will leave most commentary on that issue out for now and instead focus on this tidbit attributed in the article to a finding from Choice Magazine:

“some designers and retailers are ignoring plus sizes in favour of a slimmer “look” or body shape, in order to enhance their brand image”

So um…. yeah.

How does this make you feel?

As a plus size person I hate that this attitude persists, that we live in a world where physical attributes and prestige matter so much. As a person who loves clothes and fashion though I sort of understand where this comes from. I hate it but I get it and I wonder does this mean I’m part of the problem?

I don’t really go in for the name and shame fashion game, I prefer to simply focus and celebrate good things than point and laugh when people don’t wear something I think is flattering. I like to think I am comfortable enough in my own skin not to have to mock others to feel ok about myself.

If I’m honest about it though I’m about one Grey Goose Martini and a bad hair day away from feeling like a huge pile of frumpy crap at times and I’m sure that when that mood strikes it’s harder for me to go against the trend and not perpetuate the hate.

So I once again present you with no answers.

I don’t like that in order to remain a prestige brand designers ignore the clothing needs and wants of at least half of all shoppers.

But I HATE that the first thing I think about when this type of comment enters my head is how I plan to change me to fit the mould… #bodyimageisarollercoaster