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So here is a list of some of the things we think you can’t live without during winter, let us know in comments below what other items you’d add:

Bec’s List

Lip balm – wild winter winds play havoc with your skin in general but especially your lips, don’t neglect them in the winter! Keep them soft and supple with a generous application of lip balm on those days when you aren’t wearing a lot of other make up. I would recommend a lip balm that has some sun screen in it to help combat the effects of too much sun (eg. early signs of ageing) which are just as dangerous in cloudy weather as sunny. Personal preference should be the driving factor here as cheap ones tend to do as good a job as the more expensive ones. A tinted lip balm in my favourite shade is in each of my handbags, in other words – don’t get between me and my preferred amount of lip moisturisation! 😛

Boots – the best thing about winter is wearing boots in my opinion. I love every type of boot and I love that in winter they help keep me toasty and warm as well as look fabulous. In hot weather I tend to avoid them because they feel too hot but I cherish every day I can wear my boots in the cooler months and always scoop a few bargains up in the end of season sales to be ready for the following year. Boots are a classic fashion item and they add a little touch of style to almost any outfit, they can be worn with dresses and pants with equal panache.




Check back later for more winter essentials!