All you need to do is answer yes or no to these questions:

  • Have you ever had a crush on Jean Luc Picard and Joey from NKOTB at the same time?
  • Do you mostly prefer FPS’s to RPG’s except if you get to play a sith (#alwaystwothereare)?
  • Have you pwned noobs?
  • Do you sometimes hum “spider pig” on the train?
  • Do you own a replica sonic screwdriver and a light sabre torch?
  • Do you know why its ok to Google manga at work but not hentai?
  • Do you have a grudging respect for Jamie Lannister despite that whole incest thing?
  • Do you wish you fought Voldemort in a cardigan alongside Neville or cast spells silently in your head when some one annoys you (Stupefy 12 years olds swearing at me on COD) or you’re too lazy to get out of bed (Accio remote control)?
  • Write a fashion blog with two people you love like sisters because you love clothes and shoes and want an excuse to think/ talk about them every day?
  • Did you fly your sister to Queensland so she wouldn’t miss out on SupaNova making sure you scheduled a meet up with your favourite online friends IRL, did you cheer when Luna Lovegood came on stage?
  • Do you like when alien shit blows up in the movies, especially when AC/DC plays in background and you’re on a battleship?
  • Do you know how to do the Vulcan salute (double points if you can do it with both hands nerdfighter style)?
  • Do you know that Han shot first no matter how Lucas messes with it?
  • Did you fly your other sister to Melbourne with an empty suitcase so you could shop till you dropped in the post Christmas sales, again making sure you met up with your Internet friends? (warehouse outlets FTW)
  • Do you wish the Avengers movie was out already goddamit?
  • Did you cry when Katniss volunteered for Prim or wonder why in the end of the third book she hooks up with… (no spoilers)?
  • Did you prefer the 10th doctor but appreciate the clothing choices of the 11th?
  • Do you substitute the phrase levelling up for losing weight to motivate you to keep going?
  • Did you get excited about Wil Wheton collating and Simon Pegg (*fangirl*) tweeting random pictures of himself to the Bloggess?
  • Do you know exactly who’s in your posse in the event of a zombie apocalypse and they know too because you’ve discussed it with them, do you secretly wish one of them was Sheldon Cooper or TV’s Blossom?

If you answered yes or no to any of those the questions I hate to break it to you, you may be a nerd or a geek. If you answered no and not “What the hell?” you know enough about nerd/ pop culture for it to count. If you answered yes to all of them you are me. Main point though: Haha, you’re a nerd!

So everyone is clamouring to get on the nerd bandwagon since the Internet took control of pop culture and I say it’s about damn time. Embrace your love of space, fantasy and all things fashion and get your geek chic on.

My own version of geek chic is not all about graphic tees despite how awesome they are.

So I’ve flashed you my lifetime membership card to the nerd club, show me yours in the comments below.