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So I found a few new blogs on the weekend that have inspired me to add some colour to my winter wardrobe (more on that later) and I have discovered Virtu*.

The clothes are relatively conservative but the prices are comparable to those in stores like City Chic or Forever New. Sizes go from size 12 to 24 with free shipping in Australia.

I am probably going to get a few of the items below to throw into the mix for my winter work wardrobe and my favourite thing about a lot of the shirts in the store is that they do not sit on the waist (the worst spot for clothes to sit for my body shape), they extend to a more flattering length and would be great over jeans in winter.

I also love some of their jackets and am sorely tempted by the Tuxedo one (styled below). They also sell sleep wear and some great accessories at reasonable prices and I recommend you check them out.

At the moment they have a promotion – if you spend over $200 you get $50 off the order, given some of the prices that could result in a “free” skirt, cardigan or pair of pants and who doesn’t love free stuff?

I’ll get back to you about their service and clothes in another blog, I just wanted to share my find with people who may be looking to beef up their wardrobe for the cooler months.

How to wear it – Virtu Edition

I like the idea of teaming the Tuxedo jacket with a bold print summer dress. You get more wear out of the dress and the jacket is great all round addition to your wardrobe because it will work with pants and jeans as well.

This so pretty and wearable, the skirt is a great length and could be worn without legging/ tights in summer. I love the caramel and black combination in the scarf as well, it’s a great way to add warmth and a little colour.

I’ve mentioned before how much I love a dress over tights and a comfy pair of boots to hang about in on the weekend. I have paired these two basic dresses with some fun accessories and scarves because it’s always a good time to look amazing.

Some other cute bits and pieces from the Virtu range.

*Initally I thought this was just another example of things being spelled wrong to either appeal to a younger demographic or to avoid being sued but then I found that Virtu is an actual word according to dictionary.com:

virtu (noun) – love of or taste for fine objects of art.

See now you’ve learnt something and possibly got some bargains, that is a win/win.

Let me know if you’ve had any experience with Virtu or if you have found any great new blogs lately.

xox Bec