Morning Guys and Gals!

Firstly, a huge apology for my absence the past week. Sadly my computer died while I was on holidays and I wasnt able to update. Bec has done an absolutley oustanding job up-keeping in my absence!!! Isnt she a gem???

Sadly, because of my computer situation I have to prep a quick post on my work computer while fighting the plethora of crap that usually comes from taking a holiday, so I thought I would ask a question based on a situation I have been in a few times!

Recently I booked a hair appointment with the intention of getting my locks cut short (my hair was quite long), due to work keeping me occupied I had to keep putting my appointment back again and again! I knew exactly the cut I was going to get (but didnt tell anybody for the shock factor)… A close friend of mine, the day before my newest appointment was booked, went and got her hair done and basically got the same cut I was intending to get… At first I was unsure about getting the same style but decided that I had worked myself up for it for a while and went ahead and did it anyway…. Seeing her for the first time after that cut was terribly awkward. I felt like she thought I was trying to immitate her look in a stalker-esque kind of way. She never said anything like that, but that was certainly the feeling in the air.

Now I have a dilema of a similar nature! Another friend of mine bought a really cute summer dress and shoes that I had been intending to buy for a while and had been stashing cash for when I got the oppurtunity… Now I have been turned off because they are IDENTICAL! I see her often enough that we would clash… Frequently!

So my question is: Should you buy clothes that your friends have? Is imitation flattering or just plain creepy?