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Goodmorning All,

 Today is another day in the May Style Challenge hosted by the gorgeous Hilary Rushford!!!

 The challenge for today is to wear ‘something that always gets complimented’…

 I chose to wear my favourite ‘Jeans West’ Maxi Skirt. I found this skirt when I was shopping with the adorable Flying Drunken Monkey blogger, Cassie and her gorgeous Daughter Lily. I saw it and HAD to buy it. I was having a ‘I really want to look like Nina Proudman’ week.

On top I am wearing my favourite top (which you will probably see MANY times throughout the challenge), which is a Stella McCartney design… I bought it when I was about 16 and have worn it at least twice a week since then! I still fighting strong 5 years on (proof that investing in some pieces is worth it!)…

The necklace and bangles are from Diva, always good for a cheap thrill (and a huge thankyou to the girl who served me last night. She made the experience so much more exciting with her exceptionally friendly attitude!)!

You cant see, but I am wearing a pair of Nine West sandals I got on sale for $50!!! Yay! 

(you cant see my head because my hair dryer stopped working HALF WAY THROUGH DRYING MY HAIR! It’s a bit of a disaster zone!)


Excuse the awful camera phone skills (and the fact that is take in my work bathroom.. best lighting!)… The blurry photo is so that you can get the full effect of the skirt!!!

So far I had a woman on the bus ask if she could touch my skirt (awkward, actually), another woman on the way to work say that it was a lovely combo and my boss said it was groovy (not sure if he was making an Austin Powers joke or he was being sincere)…

So, what pieces in your wardrobe are guaranteed to get you compliments?

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