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My fabulous friend Jenny and I always talk about how amazing it would be to have a computer program* where we could up load all of our clothes and our own body dimensions so we could dress ourselves like Cher did in Clueless. We would take ours one step further and you could load clothes from internet shopping sites onto your “body” and see if they would fit.

To take it even further you could set your computer up to scan your favourite websites every day and alert you to anything that matches the description of items you have on your personal wish list so that you would never miss them when they are in stock. You could get an SMS when an item in your shopping basket goes on sale.

You could download an app to your phone and scan bar codes while you shopped in IRL and see how the item might work in your wardrobe. I could go on forever because the possibilities for awesomeness are endless! (Beaut.ie wrote about a similar theme in Feb that I found while researching this piece and I think it’s worth a look too.)

I am addicted to Polyvore, it makes it so easy to try things together in a way you can’t in a shop but the down side is that the clothes on Polyvore are not going to look like that on my body and it’s hard to tell if certain shades would go with my skin tone. So Jenny’s idea; which I have shamelessly stolen to make up the basis of this blog, would be the perfect hassle free internet shopping companion.

Speaking of internet shopping I got two new pairs of jeans from English website Evans recently, they were really cheap due to being on sale and the cut and fit are great. They are relaxed and a tiny bit stretchy but still proper denim, not that jegging stuff that they try to sell you these days. *shakes head*

Back to the point, dressing yourself on the computer would be super fun and with all the time I could save I could do really important things like see The Avengers again (mmmm Thor).

While I was searching the internet to see if someone had already made my dreams come true I found this website and I admit I spent a fair bit of time dressing Bella up in different ensembles. I might be reading far too much into this but providing a completely blank canvas onto which any woman can project herself and get to fantasize about going on a date with a rich, intense, courteous young looking man is possibly the best game/ pointed criticism of Twilight I could imagine, I wish I had thought this one up myself.

So what fashion technology do you want to see invented or how would you improve our fashion app?

*We are working hard (read: not doing anything) on making our dream into a reality so don’t go stealing it ok? Or if you do please let me know so I can buy it.