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Hello once again!

For those of you who aren’t up to date on the brief we were given, here it is again:

Our friend Maz has a bit of a dilemma:

I have 3 weddings to go to in August (one weekend after another – hello frequent flyer points!). I have the feeling that all 3 will have a very different feel, and the locations are all different too. Is there a way I can use 1 basic dress and style it differently for each occasion? I was thinking a great LBD and then adding colour with 3 sets of accessories (shoes, handbags, jewellery).

We think that a Little Black Dress can be one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe and it a great fashion staple for formal and semi-formal occasions.

You probably already have a little black dress in mind but for the purposes of this blog the dress we are using for reference is this one from City Chic:

Amy gave her thoughts on Cocktail attire, Bec on Formal and we decided I suggest something for a casual wedding.

Casual, how easy is that!?

Now as the top of this dress is already dressed up with the sequin and beading detail I would not add too much more to the outfit. It doesn’t need anything overly dressy because the dress already has a feature point and less is more in this case.

Maz, If the dress you have is perhaps a little plainer on top then I would definitely add a statement necklace but for the purpose of the dress above it’s something I would avoid. This is because of the point mentioned before about the sequins and detailing already present.

Attending a casual wedding is great because you can really let your personal style shine and let the bright colours flow.

I would add a glorious cocktail ring, some gorgeous dangling earrings and wear your hair up (if you can) or perhaps opt for some simpler earrings and let your hair flow naturally for an even more casual feel to your day.

Cocktail Rings & Earrings

(I’m buying that bow ring in the bottom right hand corner, it’s just too cute)

Being a casual wedding your footwear can also be quite varied. Cute flats, heels, or wedges, take your pick!

Don’t forget your favourite clutch or handbag, and nail polish is a fabulous way to add even more colour to your outfit.

I hope this gave you some more ideas. I really think the way you accessorize is always key to the feeling of success to a great outfit.

xox Caitlyn