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Our friend Maz has a bit of a dilemma:

I have 3 weddings to go to in August (one weekend after another – hello frequent flyer points!). I have the feeling that all 3 will have a very different feel, and the locations are all different too. Is there a way I can use 1 basic dress and style it differently for each occasion? I was thinking a great LBD and then adding colour with 3 sets of accessories (shoes, handbags, jewellery).

We think that a Little Black Dress can be one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe and it a great fashion staple for formal and semi-formal occasions.

You probably already have a little black dress in mind but for the purposes of this blog the dress we are using for reference is this one from City Chic:

Each member of ABCs of style will be focusing on a wedding style and providing some ideas about how to accessorize your LBD.

Amy – Cocktail Wedding

Caitlyn – Casual Wedding

Bec – Formal Wedding

The great thing about a formal wedding is that you have the chance to embrace your inner diva and go a little OTT on the bling. Nothing says formal wear like pearls and diamonds in my opinion, plus they are lovely symbols of everlasting or enduring love awwwww.

I have opted for a light pink and cream palette, all of the elements are in subtle colours but they pack a punch in the elegance and opulence departments.

Over the top, wedding style

A stole/ wrap is the perfect choice for so many reasons. Firstly; because the weather may get a little cool in the afternoon and evening it will provide a bit of extra warmth but you can easily take it off if the reception venue is warm or you are having a ball on the dance floor. Secondly because it is such a neutral colour and style it represents the ultimate in versatility, you can wear it with as a scarf over your favourite blazer in the morning and let it help you transform any dress into a statement in the evening, thus ensuring that it is a brilliant investment.

As for accessories; even though you might not have a spare $5,000 to spend on a bracelet you can get lovely pieces that are almost identical for a fraction of the price and they can be combined with other less extravagant pieces in the future so you can get plenty of wear out of them on less formal occasions.

I’d keep your make up relatively fresh and light, perhaps opting for dramatic eyes, you can get away with dramatic make up at formal affairs.

My top tips are to keep the colours soft and the fabric floaty. A formal wedding is the perfect opportunity to pretend you are in a Jane Austen novel and that you are about to get swept off your feet by some handsome man who can dance…. *swoon*

I hope this helped Maz and we would love to see some pictures you wearing the outfits you come up with!
Do you have any wedding wear tips to share?