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Have you ever had one of those moments in your fashion life when you have tried on an item of clothing and just gone ‘Ah’? Not as in a ‘Ah!’ I will never EVER wear something like this, it makes me look like an extra in the next thriller film clip, but the ‘Ah’ moment when a type of clothing is just so perfect that you have to spend lots of money buying it in different colours and patterns?

This has happened to me a few times in my life. A few years ago a bought an AMAZING jacket from Shieke. It was the perfect fit. It came in at my waist (which is the smallest part of me) and flared out like a 1950’s dress. It was a great ‘transition’ jacket as it was a light material and had three quarter length sleeves (being a hot body, perfect for all through winter). I wish that a bought more than one… It was expensive but would have been totally worth it. Ive been wearing it for years and years now and the buttons are starting to fall off and the colour is fading. I will be taking it to my local seamstress for a ‘re-gig’ (buttons and lining), but I regret not buying more than one that day.

Most recently I had been watching the peplum cut trend from afar. A few of my friends were wearing these tops and skirts and I avoided it because I thought it would make me hips look like I was made to be boarded. Two by two… Boy was I wrong. I went to Dotti to try on a few of the tops and I was shocked. I had to buy the top in all the colours they had available and it’s now ALL I want to wear. It is so lady like without being too in your face about it. I feel like I can wear them anywhere* and with anything! I will be buying this cut of top everywhere I can find it!!!

Check out these Peplum Trends:

ASOS Blue Dress Peplum Cut: $64.40

ASOS Ocean Blue Peplum Dress: $40.80

ASOS Spotty Peplum $37.40

ASOS Curve Pink Peplum Top $37.40

Dotti Cream Peplum: $49.95 (currently in my wardrobe in many different colours)

Are there any trends you were reluctant to try but found them to be great for you? Any trends out there at the moment that you want to give a go? When was your last ‘Ah’ moment?

*like the Art Gallery on the weekend. BTW, if your in Sydney at the moment, go check out the Archibald at NSW Art Gallery. Best year I’ve ever seen yet! The winner is spectacular.

Amy xo