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For those of you not up to your armpits in goatmen and frogs I’ll let you into a little secret, this weekend marks the first of many that I and millions of others will spend at least part of playing Diablo 3.

So I thought “Why not do an outfit of the day inspired by my weekend uniform”. On the weekend when I don’t have fancy plans I like to keep it very casual, comfort is my primary aim. I also try to find something that can be quickly turned into an outfit appropriate to go out in, so I can waste as little time as possible putting a look together and maximise the time spent playing.

For example this today I am taking a gaming break this afternoon to see Dark Shadows and The Dictator with friends. Tomorrow I plan on gaming in the morning then having a Game of Thrones party with friends where we will watch last weeks episode together. This is what I will be/ am wearing:

Saturday Gaming outfit – 

A long a-line tunic with leggings has got to be the easiest way to go from sitting around at home in perfect comfort to going out. My tunic is slightly less brand (ie not Missoni) name and not quite as stripey but the basic cut and colours are the same.

Transformed look so I can go to the movies – 

Here I have just added some jewellery, a jacket and a scarf (it is finally getting cold enough to wear a scarf in Perth). I keep most of the elements of the outfit simple because the colour blocking and stripes are busy enough.

Sunday morning (drinking coffee and playing games) –

A maxi dress is a perfect outfit to relax in but easily transforms to something appropriate to wear to a party. In winter I’d wear a cardigan for warmth.

Game of Thrones watching outfit –

Some jewellery and jacket finish the look off and I opted for high heels because… well just because really.

There it is, a whole weekend of easy, casual outfits to take you from the dreadlands to a Tim Burton movie and finally onto Westeros….

If you are looking for outfits inspired by gaming you can go here and check out some of these amazing looks that everyone including the non-gamer can wear and enjoy.

Bec xoxo