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I love awards shows!

Well that’s not true, I can’t say I’ve ever watched one all the way through but I do love a good red carpet. The 2012 Billboard Music Awards was held last night and as far as music awards go I didn’t see too many true fashion “don’ts” which is a shame. The music industry knows how to do Red Carpet properly and there are usually some amazing looks broken up by an equal number of shockers (which if I am honest is a big part of the reason I watch them). There were some striking gowns and colour choices and others that were less so but where is Bjork when you need her to spice up an event?!

Here were a few of my favourites:

Chrissy Teigen (Model) – I love the cut and colour, in a night of white this really stood out.

Jordin Sparks (Singer)  – I like the shoes and the bling, the dress is simple but makes the most of Jordin’s curves, it is sexy and flattering.

Julianne Hough (Actress/ Singer/ Dancer) – The colour and the way she has accessorized it work well but from a different angle this dress looks like a really sparkly bath towel which I am guessing was not the intent. While ever she is standing like this though I love it.

Katy Perry (Singer) – I really like this dress, I think that it manages to show off Katy’s curves without being too overt which is a bit of break with tradition for KP. Maybe she toned it down because she took her nanna to the event? I also love the dark purple hair, Kerli take note; this is how do interesting hair colours.

Natasha Bedingfield (Singer) – Classic black with nude heels, this is pretty great, simple and elegant. I did have to look closely to make sure that was not a chicken on her head though, I believe it is a flower.

Nelly Furtado (Singer) – I guess the black bra thingy poking out was deliberate? It is the only element that it is a bit off. Otherwise I think this is a lovely dress for formal occasions in summer.

Taylor Swift (Singer) – No sign of nipples or side boob, Taylor I think you are a bit of a class act. I love how floaty this dress is and the colour. It is perfect for an awards show and it is just interesting enough to stand out.

Zooey Deschanel (Actress) – I really like the retro feel of this dress but I think the tights might be a bit too heavy. They are Zooey’s trademark accessory but as it is summer I would probably have gone for nude legs.

Gladys Knight (Legendary Singer) – Gladys keeps it classy and age appropriate but still shows off her killer legs.

Carrie Underwood (Singer) – Technically she wore this on stage but I love it so much I am including it, this is the dress I see me wearing in my head when I imagine my future life with Thor (as played by Chris Hemsworth); when we are married, having demi god babies with tiny hammers and living on Asgard, I only saw it for the first time today but this is totally it. You know just for when I am hanging around the house and stuff. It feels majestic and I like the earthiness of the red.

And here are a few I’m on the fence about:

Alicia Keys (Singer “Empire State of Mnd”) – it’s a nice dress but possibly a little boring. Plus as it is coming into summer I bet it was really hot.

Brandy (Singer) – I LOVE the clutch and the shoes but am not 100% sold on the dress.

My final offering gets its own category:

Miley Cyrus (Singer/ daughter of ridiculous person) – can I start by saying that I adore those shoes and the messy, wild child look works for Hannah Montana. The jacket worn as a dress is possibly just a bit too much though. I get that you are trying to make the point you are a big girl now Miley but please don’t go the full Britney. I would say something about a lack of pants but frankly if I had that body I’d be wearing a bikini to work every day so who am I to judge…

Just as a point of note here is a very similar outfit done in a way I think is somewhat better:

“Downtown” Julie Brown (Actress/ music personality)

Any of these lovely ladies wear some thing you adore?