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So what were the men wearing?

John Legend (Singer – “Wake Up Everybody”) – I like the use of grey to break up the black and I appreciate that your shoes are clean John 7/10.

Justin Bieber (Singer/Female Impersonator) – It is way too easy to pile hate on Justin Bieber and I wish I was above it but I’m not. Peace Justin, one day I hope you stop being a douche. 3/10

Robin Thicke (Singer “Love After War”) – I like this jacket and jeans combo, not sure if it qualifies as awards show wear but I think he pulls it off. I feel he could do with a little less gel in his overly high hair though. You’re an adult Robin it’s ok if you look like you did your hair properly. 6/10

Usher (Singer “Climax”) – I love a pop of colour but I’m on the fence on this one, I think I like it… Bonus points for matching your shoes to your shirt Usher 5/10.

Wiz Khalifa (Singer “The Check Point”) – I don’t dislike the outfit but every single part of me wants to tell him to pull his god damn pants up, if you’re old enough to sit at the big person’s table you are old enough to know that underwear should be hidden. Extra points for red shoes, they are never a bad decision! 6/10

Tommy Hilfiger (Designer) and Dee Hilfiger – I hope it is day time Tommy or otherwise the rule is you need to be a rapper to be allowed to wear sunglasses at night. If you can find a bigger picture of this you can tell the loafers are not quite the same shade of navy blue as the pants but I love his wife’s shoes so its 5/10 for the both of them.

Any of these lads’ looks catch your eye?