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Ok so there were not that many outfits that I can say I officially hated but here are some that didn’t quite get it right in my opinion:

Kerli (Singer “Walking on Air”) – It’s an awards show so feel free to go over the top but if you are going to wear your “statement” teddy bear shoes make sure they are clean. On close inspection these looked like they were second hand and that is never impressive.

Carly Rae Jepsen (Singer “Call Me Maybe”) – She gets extra points for having Rae as her middle name, I love that (:P), but I don’t know if she pulls this off. I love the colours and despite the mixture of styles I think it might have worked with different shoes. I think she nailed the accessories though, love those earrings.

Julie Bowen (Modern Family and Ed) – It’s not that I hated this dress I think the thing about it is that it was underwhelming, Julie is beautiful without a doubt but this was a little bit more cocktail party and a little bit less awards show for me.

Carrie Underwood (Singer -“I Told You So”) – This was a little bit too much for me. I love the top part but the bottom part reminds me of these crazy sewing projects I used to do as a kid before mum would trust me with the proper scissors and the sewing machine. I think her accessories work though and the colours are really pretty.

Jurnee Smollett (Actress – Friday Night Lights) – Pretty but a bit meh. Again the colour is right and the length is ok (if I had those legs I would probably pull a Miley and leave my pants at home), it just doesn’t really pack a punch. Plus her hair makes her look top heavy and I would spend the whole night worrying about whether I would have to catch her when she toppled over.

Lisa Marie Presley (Singer, daughter of famous person) – I like the dress to an extent but I think the jacket is wrong, a jacket that was a bit sexier or a bit less business attire probably would have worked better. Or maybe no jacket, LMP is a beautiful lady and nowhere near Divalishious enough on the red carpet for my taste. I can’t see enough of the shoes but they may be a bit too chunky as well.

Amber Rose (Model/Actress) – This was ok and I loved the gold accessories but that smile hides the terror of a woman constantly on the verge of a nip slip/ wardrobe malfunction/ publicity stunt. No one can relax when any moment the girls could bust free.

 What do you think? Any of these looks worth recreating at home?