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I like to think of myself as someone who doesnt care what others have to say about what I am wearing… I know what I like to wear, I know what makes *me* feel confident. If I ask your opinion, then I want your opinion, if I dont ask, I DONT WANT TO KNOW.

But we all know that person(s) who decides to give you a wardrobe make over whether you want it or not. I know a few. I dont handle criticism that well. I usually want to snot said person in the face and then tell them everything I can possibly think of that is wrong with them… Im pretty rational like that…

On the weekend I wore my new leopard print loafers that my amazing housemate gave me. I love them. I have wanted a pair for so long. I thought that there was no better way of wearing them for the first time then to a date… Well… The date wasnt crash hot but the final straw was when the gentleman I was dining with commented on the shoes in a less that complimentary way… I brushed it off (read: couldnt find my knuckle dusters in my handbag quick enough) and moved on, but I will promptly ignore his calls when he wants to organise date #2.

So, basically what I am asking is, how do you handle cristicism? Whether it is in relation to your clothes, hair, handbag or shoes, what do you say when someone disses your choice? Do you stop wearing those items?