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I’ve been fed up with my way of nail polish storage for a long time and today I decided enough was enough!

Does this look familiar to anyone out there?

A random box scattered with an assortment of nail polishes. The box was getting so heavy it was just falling to pieces.

So I made it my mission today to find some new way to store them out of the way. I tried Kmart, Target, The Reject Shop and finally found a cute 3 tiered stand from Freedom.

It has three glass shelves and stands 71cm high, so it’s reasonably tall but I think it’s fine sitting on my desk.

You can find it online at Freedom – Clue 3 Tier Shelf.

Cost: $40
Dimensions: 26 x 22.6 x 71cm

It was extremely easy to put together!

I was looking for a stand with drawers but honestly I think this works out just fine, and I like be able to see the colours clearly. It’s far easier to see all of the nail polishes this way and not have to rummage through drawers to find a particular colour.

It’s not the ideal spot to keep it on my desk but unfortunately my current living circumstance limits my amount of personal space, so this will have to do for now.

On today’s little outing I fell into Priceline and was happy to see that they had a 3 for 2 sale on. So I picked up these three Sally Hansen Gem Crush nail polishes! They are $9.95 each, so getting a “free” one was great, nail polishes over here can be so expensive! *glares at OPI*

I was going to just buy two but then I saw the deal and grabbed another! I was pretty darn happy 😉

I’ve decided to start doing some Nail of the Day posts in the future because I just adore nail polish that much and I would love to venture outside of the standard single block colour.

Do you store your nail polishes in an orderly manner or just in a box like I did?

Caitlyn xo