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Any excuse for a Game of Thrones tie in right?


Sorry, I’ll be fashion-y from now on.

The good news is that Perth is finally cold enough for me to leave the house in a scarf and coat! Granted it’s too warm to wear them past lunch time but I’m happy with the cooler weather because it means I get to wear boots too. Oh how I love the feeling of super warm toes and a chill in the air!

The point of today’s post is simply that it is cool enough to actually dress like it is winter* and that I plan to take advantage of it before Perth remembers that it doesn’t get cold in winter it just rains and gets windy then goes back to hot. 

Today I wore this amazingly warm scarf (Jersey FTW), its been like a day long not at all awkward hug…

Bliss #stillabetterlovestorythantwilight

Happy Winter Southern Hemisphere!!!!!!

*It is a tiny bit about how I have borderline inappropriate feelings towards my clothing, but that is surely a post for another day.

Let’s celebrate today by sharing the item of clothing you secretly (or not so secretly – I won’t judge) revel in wearing.