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I don’t know specifically what it is like to be a mum, I do however know what it is like being a person who appreciates value for money and clothes that can easily be taken from day to night because time is of the essence. I also know what it is like to want to be both comfortable and feel beautiful.

So here are some ideas for people who are on the go chasing after munchkins during the day or for mums who’ve done the munchkin chasing and want outfits that look amazing on post baby bodies:

  • Invest in a bunch of items like tuxedo style jackets that can help you transform jeans and a t-shirt into something you can wear to a party, BBQ or brunch. This means that you can create two different looks without the hassle of getting changed in between daily events.


  • If you are spending all day picking things up or carrying things around you want a dress or skirt length that is going to be able to keep things PG as well as make you feel like you are putting your best foot forward. The knee length dress is pretty much perfect, failing that try a maxi length. Don’t forget to branch out and try some bold patterns or colours. A dress can hide a multitude of sins and is a great way to get into a trend like colour blocking because the colour combination choices have already been made for you. Also don’t be too afraid to show off your arms, you don’t have to be sinewy like Madonna or buff like Michelle Obama to go sleeveless.


  • Sometimes you need to spice things up, if you don’t occasionally do something a bit fun or frivolous you end up feeling like clothes are your enemy. You are much more likely to get stuck in a rut if you don’t give yourself permission to indulge in your favourite things from time to time. The best way to do that is to pick up some fun accessories that you can wear on a daily basis or even some sky high heels kept for special occasions.

Here are two outfits that not only look amazing, will allow you to deal with whatever life throws at you but that are also going to be comfortable all day:

Some places to shop for mums of every size:

  • Asos and Asos Curve – mostly for one offs and more daring pieces, you can probably get great basics cheaper elsewhere
  • Rockmans and Be Me – Rockmans’ quality is sometimes a bit suspect but I find that they cater for women not grandma or tweens
  • Jeans West (generous sizing up to 16/18) – great for casual basics
  • Kmart – great for basics, shoes and also for work wear
  • Target – Target do layering garments now, they are really handy for people who like the idea of creating multiple looks with a few basics pieces
  • City Chic – funky and fun work and formal wear, prices are a bit steep but it is always worth it
  • Autograph – targets women not kids, another great place for plus size fashion
  • IGIGI – you will NEVER be sorry for shopping there, your bank balance might though
  • Forever New – not to everyone’s taste but they have a range that includes things that I’d say are aimed at older teens as well as things aimed at women in their 20’s and 30’s in sizes up to 16.

Bec xox

PS I love you mum.