I’m not a morning person… You could liken me to the hulk in the mornings. I stomp around the place looking like a ‘too rude’ cut from ‘Something About Mary’… I don’t liven up until about 10am and that’s after 15 or so coffees (Dr told me I needed to cut back and hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Lemon and Ginger tea just don’t cut it!!!)… If I had it my way, I would wake up looking like Rosie Huntington-Whitley (Oh God! Girl crush of the moment!); but I don’t. I look more like something Matthew McConaughey would scrape out from under his toe after a particulalry gruelling week of NOT showering!

Now Mondays are especially ick. Usually on Sundays I’ve had a wine or two (or five… who’s counting?) and I wake up with a black ring around my mouth and a hangover to match but I always insist on making sure I look at least 90% presentable (I do have a job after all!) and I have a few tricks to help me make sure I do. Now, I’m not about to tell you anything ground breaking. If you’re after ground breaking head off to a science lab or a church, whatever floats your boat!

It’s really important to lay out what you want to wear the night before. I have made the mistake of not doing this a few times in my life and it usually results in me looking like someone who should have been dancing in one of Cyndi Laupers video clips (not always a bad thing, mind you… Unless we are talking that one about the girl who runs off to be a hooker… Wait, was that Pat Benetar? Oh, never mind… I’ll Google it later…). Sometimes I lay out an outfit or two (in case I change my mind). It makes the morning flow a lot quicker if I don’t have to make any tough decisions… Real tough decisions…

 What I am wearing today

Make sure you set up your make up and skin routine as well. I like mine in order of what im going to use… If I don’t do this, I usually use mascara to wash my face (Black Face still isn’t funny!) and eye shadow to paint my lips (also not funny)!) PIC (Make up & Skin Care… Probably should note that this isn’t in order of what I use… Just me trying to be the best photographer with a shitty camera phone and me at the helm!)

As another little note, we all know that we sometimes have stuff unexpectedly come up. This is why I make sure my favourite fashion accessories are nearby and easy to get too. I love this little hanging rack from Diva (only about 50% of my stuff is there. My faves, of course!). All my bangles are kept in a shoe box nearby! It helps me as I’m running out the door to ensure I have all sorts of jingly janglys hanging about… Makes me think I’m cooler than I actually am…

Although, I am pretty cool… My Mum said so!!!

My Accessories Collection…Also DVDs & My pile of ‘Sh*t I don’t know where to store’

I also like to make sure I know what I want to do with my hair.

Usually on work days it’s pretty boring, ponytail or a chignon (with some pizzazz of course!). If it isn’t up I usually chuck a few curls in or straighten it all out so I get a messy bob! ALWAYS make sure you have spare hair ties and bobby pins laying about the place (handbag, bedroom, kitchen, friend’s houses, family member’s houses {my Uncle & Dad would very much dispute that this is a good thing!})…

Hair today… Conveniently covered by a beanie… Also, I have a cold, so I look pretty atrocious! 

I also like to have some inspiration photos hanging up on my ‘Fun Board’. Yeah, yeah, I know I’m never going to look like Jennifer Lawrence but I figure it’s okay to find inspiration for my mood by looking at other incredibly sexy women…

 My inspiration board!

  Last but not least, have a fun song to get you started!!! My song of choice is Aha’s Take on Me…

Let this add a little spring to your step today!!!

What are your tips to making sure you look gorgeous, even after a big weekend? Do you have a strict morning routine or do you just go with the flow?