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Hello Everyone!

Today’s challenge instantly caught my attention. I absolutely LOVE The Wizard of OZ. It’s such a great story and Dorothy with those Ruby Heels is just too damn cute.

I was originally going to go with a classic Dorothy look but I decided to try something a little different today. I’ve come up with three looks inspired by Munchkins, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion!


Wizard of Oz Inspiration


I am very much loving this look. I’m a huge fan of plaid when it’s done with minimal clashing prints, please don’t ever do plaid shorts and a plaid shirt like my Dad’s Uncle Ray did at a BBQ one day. Yep, Green plaid shorts and a green plaid shirt and no, it’s wasn’t Christmas!


Wizard of Oz Inspiration - Scarecrow


I wanted to create a look with more Earthy tones, and who better to use then the ever fumbling Scarecrow. I decided to put some more “literal” interpretations in there with a rope look ring and a straw handbag 😉

Cowardly Lion

Wizard of Oz Inspiration - Cowardly Lion


I don’t know about anyone else who reads this blog but I’m a really big fan browns, so I went with Cowardly Lion because I love his colours. I didn’t want to put a piece which was striking red in colour so I decided on these gorgeous glitter ankle, because we all know Lion is a little bit FABULOUS!

So there you have it. My three looks inspired by The Wizard of OZ!

What do you think?