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I found a top at City Chic on the weekend that was on sale (reduced to $15). It is a bit different to my normal style, has a bow on it and is quite girly. I don’t normally go for small patterns and the top has a bold but petite bird pattern. The colour is great though and the cut and style worked well (OMG my boobs look great in it).

I had the normal dilemma of whether to buy a top I wasn’t 100% convinced I could pull off and be happy with or miss out on an awesome bargain, eventually it got the better of me and I decided to take it home with me.

Once I got it home the problem I was having was what to do with it other than putting it in my wardrobe and just look at it admiringly because it is so adorable.

I admit that I struggled to find something that I was happy with but decided that I would go for this look which would be something that I might wear out to dinner:

I apologise for the photo, I didn’t have anyone to take one for me and I couldn’t figure out the timer on my iPad camera (technology fail :/ )

The look:

Black wide legged pants from Target ($39.95)

Long lace cardigan from Autograph ($40 in a half price sale)

Bird Top from City Chic ($15 in a stocktake sale)



Curvas Necklace in Ruby from Bela Toroso ($30)

Red tasselled flats from Kmart ($15)

Black gem earrings from Diva ($14.95)

I also tried teaming the same look with some great black chunky heels from Target for a slightly more formal look and alternatively with dark denim and a black maxi skirt for more casual weekend wear. The looks were pretty much the same in the end.

If you wanted to recreate this type of look here is a similar one I created in Polyvore:

The only real problem I found was that because the top’s fabric is some type of polyester/ satin blend it didn’t sit quite as well as I would have liked and so I felt I needed the longer top over it in order to hide some lumps and bumps and avoid cutting my body at my widest point (mid hip). I am looking forward to trying it under a black shirt dress, unbuttoned to just below the bow, with some leggings to see if that works out.

Bec xox

So after all of that what would you do with this type of top?