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The Avengers is probably my ideal movie; it’s funny, stuff blows up, there are lots of muscles, the cute guys save the day, a girl gets to kick some butt etc etc.

So what does the Avengers have to do with fashion? Well it is the first movie we picked for our new weekly challenge. We will be creating movie inspired looks and would encourage you to send us pics or links to movie inspired outfits you’ve created as well.

Bec –

I picked the Hulk as my inspiration:

Partly because I loved how Mark Ruffalo played him and partly because it gives me a chance to use green!

Here is what I came up with –

The idea here is to use the green with other colours and metallic fabrics to keep the look fresh and feminine. I love the cross body bag style and it is perfect for keeping the notes from your gamma ray research in.

Do you have any ideas about how you would create an Avengers look?


To be blunt, The Avengers F**KING ROCKED. I haven’t cheered in a movie since the last ‘Harry Potter’ film. I haven’t laughed so hard since ‘Bridesmaids’ and I certainly haven’t pined over so many different men in one movie since ‘The Wiggles’ movie when I was 5! (I so badly wanted to marry the blue wiggle!)

So getting to play dress ups with the inspiration of ‘Avengers’ makes my heart do a little flutter!

I have made three sets today. Inspired by my three favourites of the film! Hawkeye*, Captain America and Iron Man!

*Just a side note, if you guys havent seen Jeremy Renner in ‘Mission Impossible’, PLEASE go and watch it ASAP! He wears some stunning suits..


A little bit daring, but still conventional, Hawkeye tends to stick to black but certainly ads some flavour with his sexy arrow abilities and must have leather…

Captain America:

Captain America is like the girl next door… The girl next door who kicks arse when arse needs to be kicked! Keeping it ‘America’ themed with Red, Blue and White this cute little ensemble makes even the toughest of superheroes make an ‘AW’ sound!

Captain America
 Iron Man: 
Last but not least is the extremely seductive and sexy Iron Man! Everything about Iron Man screams sex appeal and I hope this little burgundy number highlighted with stunning gold bits and bobs will send shivers down your spine as much as Robert Downey Jr does to me in EVERY MOVIE HE HAS EVER BEEN IN!
Iron Man

Did this movie make you giggle and tingle all at the same time? Will you be using our sexy superheroes to inspire your latest outfit choice?